Tips for Living in London

Living in London – 8 tips for how to cope on your own

Our proficiency level class was asked to write a piece for the Wimbledon School of English blog. Ania from Poland and Lorena from Brazil share their tips on how to adjust to life in the capital. 

Living in London – 8 tips for how to cope on your own

Travelling alone can be scary for some people, especially in a city as big as London. At the beginning of our trip, most of us have the same doubts and insecurities, so here is some advice that may help you in your new experience:




  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for information! People are generally nice and will probably stop to help you. Even if you’re shy, asking is always better than getting lost and not going where you want to go.

  2. Plan your activities in advance! By doing that you won’t be confused and end up doing something boring or not doing anything at all. Planning beforehand also saves your time, allowing you to do more things. Additionally, it helps you to find the best prices. It’s a great deal!

  3. Don’t forget to plan your way! Take a tube map and look at it in order not to get lost. Do the same with the city map whenever you don’t feel sure about where you are.

  4. Be careful with your stuff! Remember to always watch out for your luggage, keep your mobile phone on you and don’t carry too much money. Don`t forget that there’s no one looking after you, so you’re totally responsible for yourself.

  5. While using an escalator, always remember to stand on the right. There are people who are in a hurry and want to come over on the left.

  6. Remember that the direction of traffic is different in the UK. Therefore, be extra careful and always look to your right first before crossing the street.

  7. If you want to save money, keep in mind that London has a lot of museums which you can visit for free, such as the Natural History Museum, the Museum of London and the National Gallery.

  8. Be open to meeting new people! That way you’ll not only get rid of that feeling of loneliness but will also get to know different cultures and opinions. You’ll find out that talking to people who are in the same situation as you can be very fun as well as useful, considering that they’ll probably give you a lot of tips and recommendations based on their own experiences.


Photos courtesy of Mohamed from Libya 

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