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Wimbledon School of English has been named as one of the best value schools in London according to a recent article published by EL Gazette.

But how do decide whether a school offers good value for money?
According to EL Gazette, we should measure the price of an English language course against the quality of education offered by the school.  The graph below shows the best value schools in London and as you can see, Wimbledon School of English holds the top spot for quality and we are also well above the fair value line.

Good Value Graph

 Photo via EL Gazette

But this raises another question: how do you measure the quality of a language school? EL Gazette uses the British Council Inspection results to determine quality and this article identifies Wimbledon School of English as the “best-quality centre in the UK”. We are the only school in the UK to have been awarded 15 strengths in our British Council inspection, which is a perfect score. We have held the position of the number one English language school for over a year now and this is an excellent guarantee for potential students. Students coming to WSE can rest assured that we really do deliver on all of the promises we make.

What else makes WSE a good value school?
Also included in our tuition fees is access to e-wimbledon, our online learning platform. Students will have access for the duration of their course, 3 months before and 3 months after. This is an excellent way to prepare for your course and also continue practising your English after you leave. When our students are not in class, many use our Study Centre where we have a teacher available every afternoon from 1:30 – 4:30 offering free help to all students.

Wimbledon School of English is committed to offering high quality courses, accommodation and social activities at reasonable prices and this has been central to the school’s ethos since it was founded in 1964. 

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