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Do you want to reach the best possible result in your OET examination? This online course is ideal for you if you do not have the time to commit to a course of classroom lessons, or if you do not live near the school. Over four weeks you will have a total of eight 50-minute face-to-face online lessons, and a minimum of 100 mins each week of guidance for self-study, all in the comfort of your own home, no matter where you are in the world. You will focus on the unique demands of each part of the OET exam, and you will receive individualised feedback and error correction in order to ensure that you achieve the best possible result in your test.

Face-to-face lessons are held on Tuesday evenings from 18:30 - 20:10, with the final lesson on the Tuesday before the OET examination.

You will:

  • Study English in a variety of medical contexts
  • Analyse real case scenarios
  • Learn effective communication skills
  • Increase your knowledge of specialised terminology
  • Learn how to cope with difficult situations
  • Receive full guidance on how to do the OET exam
  • Receive detailed feedback on all aspects of your studies
  • Sit the exam at our centre (if required)

We recommend you register for the examination before you register for the course. Exam registrations can be made here: https://www.londonexams.co.uk/dates-fees/

Face-to-face lesson times are: 18:30 - 20:10 (2x50minutes)

Course fee is £250.00 for the whole 4 weeks, and includes registration and materials fees.  The exam fee is an additional charge. 

If you originally booked your WSE course with an agent or travel company, contact them and they can book the course for you, or please contact elaine@wimbledon-school.ac.uk 

Online OET Part-Time
Course Name
Online OET Part-Time (OET Online PT)
Course Category
OET Preparation (OET)
Minimum Age
Lessons Per Week
Maximum Class Size (Sept - June)
Course Dates (4 available)
From 07-01-2020 to 29-01-2020
From 17-03-2020 to 08-04-2020
From 26-05-2020 to 17-06-2020
From 13-07-2020 to 07-08-2020
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Course Length (Weeks)
CEFR Course Level


Price (1 week)
£31.25 per week
Price (1 to 2 weeks)
£62.50 per week
Price (2 weeks +)
£31.25 per week
Price (3 to 4 weeks)
From £31.25 to £62.50 per week
Price (4 to 7 weeks)
£31.25 per week

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