Watch the videos below to hear what some of our students say about Wimbledon School of English.

Carolina tells about her experience after spending 3 weeks with us at Wimbledon School of English

Carolina - Argentina,

Roberto was with us for 7 months and had a lot to say about his time in London, Wimbledon School of English and learning the language here. 

Roberto - Venezuela,

Sorour was kind enough to take some time out and give us an insight to her experience at learning English at Wimbledon School of English.

Sorour - Libya,

"This school is my second home"

Martinho spent 10 months here in #Wimbledon. He arrived as a complete beginner to English and worked his way up to Upper Intermediate level in that time! Hear what Martinho has to say about his time at WSE and in #London.

Martino - Angola,

Zoe took Live Online English classes with us and was so kind as to share her experience with us. 

‘When I first heard about having online classes I was quite sceptical about it. However, I gave it a go and now I’m very happy. Clearly, it isn’t the same as normal classes, but at the moment there isn’t a better solution to the actual situation. Before the school had to close temporarily, we did a meeting on Zoom between the classes in different classrooms and our teachers showed us how it works. Don’t worry, you'll be absolutely fine - it’s very easy. Zoom is an online platform, similar to Skype, which gives us a lot of opportunities to create virtual classes. From improving our speaking skills to practise our listening or watching videos together there’s almost nothing you can’t do. It’s fascinating how authentic online-classes are to real ones. What’s more, our teachers are as motivated as they were in school and they try hard to give their best effort. It is a new experience for all of us, but we learn together and that’s great fun! 

I’m very grateful to have these modern techniques nowadays, which help us, even more, to keep in touch with each other in times like these.’

Zoe - Switzerland,

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