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Carolina tells about her experience after spending 3 weeks with us at Wimbledon School of English





Roberto was with us for 7 months and had a lot to say about his time in London, Wimbledon School of English and learning the language here. 

Sorour was kind enough to take some time out and give us an insight to her experience at learning English at Wimbledon School of English.

Federico Volpato

All good things come to an end. Amazing experience. If you work hard, you can achieve anything. As I was waiting for my flight, I was thinking about the two weeks I studied at Wimbledon School of English. I’m very happy at how they went. I met special people from all over the world, I spoke with them at the school, outside and in the accomodation.

The teachers of the school have been fantastic, I improved my English and I got a very important certificate for my future. I lived alone and I bettered myself. I understood what I need in my life and I understood that ‘if you want to grow in your life you have to make sacrifices’.

Many thanks to at Obvietto Lingua that suggested me this school and to Wimbledon School of English for the quality of the teaching and for the hospitality.

Now I’m going home with an enhanced personal cutural development. I visited wonderful places and I worked hard during my time at the school. Invest your time as much as you can and you will come out winner. Never give up!

Thank you for all Wimbledon and London. See you next time!

Federico Volpato - Italy, Business and Professional English

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