We’ve put together a list of the some of the most frequently asked questions for our Junior Summer Centres. Please read the answers below and consult our Student Guide to see if you can find the information you need. If not, please contact our team on info@wimbledon-school.ac.uk and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. 

We have divided the content into the following sections:

  • Student Info
  • Accommodation
  • Airport Transfers
  • Booking your course 

Student Info 

What is the capacity of the school?
At LWC, we can accommodate a maximum of 110 students at any one time. At Pangbourne College, we can accommodate up to 120 students.

Do most students travel as individuals or in groups?
Most students come as individuals and some will travel with a friend, sibling or relative. This makes for a really sociable summer school and our students are keen to make new friends. We also welcome small groups of up to 12 students who want to travel together but once they arrive at the school they are integrated like everyone else.

Where do the students come from?
In 2018 we welcomed students from 27 different countries. The top 5 nationalities were French, Italian, Brazilian, Spanish and Russian.

What is the student to staff ratio?
On average there is 1 member of staff for every 5 students. The maximum ratio of staff to students on campus is 1:10.

Is it possible to attend as a day student and live off campus?
No, we offer students the full package and living on site with other students is all part of the experience.

Is it possible to follow part of the programme? For example, classes only?
No, all students take part in every aspect of the programme from breakfast until lights out. There are different options for the courses, afternoon activities and meal times so we can cater for students with all types of interests and preferences.


How far is the accommodation from the rest of the facilities?
Dining room – 3 minutes walk
Classrooms – 3 minutes walk
Common Room - 3 minutes walk
Swimming pool & Sports Hall – 3 minutes walk
Sports Centre and Tennis Courts – 3-7 minutes walk

How is the accommodation allocated? 
We have a range of different bedrooms, comprising single, 2, 3, 4 and 5 beds. Students cannot choose in advance and will be placed with students of the same gender, similar age, and a different nationality. It is very important to us that you are practising your English at all times so you won’t be placed with another student who speaks the same language as you.

How far are the showers and toilets from the rooms?
They are located a few metres away on the same floor as the bedrooms.

How many students will share one bathroom?
This varies but on average it will be 5 students to 1 bathroom.

Are there sinks in the bedrooms?
Some bedrooms do have a washbasin but we cannot guarantee this at the time of booking.

What furniture do the bedrooms have?
Each student will have a single bed with a pillow and duvet. There is also a wardrobe, set of drawers and access to a desk and chair for every student.  

How often is the bed linen changed?

Once a week

Are towels provided?
No, students must bring their own towels and toiletries

How does the laundry service work?
Students are asked to collect their used laundry and place it in a wash bag outside of their room. During the daily cleaning, staff will collect the wash bags and wash and dry the clothes. Students should allow 1-2 days before their laundry is returned.

Is there Wi-Fi in the accommodation? How is it controlled?
Students will have 24-hour access to free Wi-Fi for the duration of their stay and the signal is strong throughout the entire campus. We have firewalls in place to ensure that students cannot access inappropriate content.

What can students do during “house time”?
This is free time for students so they can use it to relax, mix with other students, watch television, play computer games or have an evening snack. Students also use this time to shower.

Will students have access to a kitchen outside of meal times?
There is a kitchen in the boarding houses and students can make drinks, hot chocolate, toast and other light snacks. All use of the kitchen must be supervised by a member of staff.

Airport Transfers

Who will meet me at the airport?
If you are using our shuttle service (10:00 – 17:00), you will be met by a member of staff from Wimbledon School of English. Prior to arrival you will receive confirmation of their name and contact number in case of emergencies. When you exit arrivals, please look for a sign with the school logo and the words “WSE Junior Summer Centre”. You will be escorted to campus together with other students that have arrived that day.

If I use the shuttle service, what is the maximum waiting time?
We work with a 2-hour window from landing time and this is the longest you will have to wait. You will be supervised by a member of staff at all times and usually the waiting time is much less.   

If I arrive outside of the shuttle window, can I share my transfer with another student?
Shared transfers are only available to students that are travelling together. These have to be arranged in advance by parents or educational tour operators. For more information on pricing please visit fees and dates.

Booking your course

How do I apply?
Please contact us to check there is still availability for the course dates you require. You should download the application form and this must be completed in full and returned, with a copy of your passport, to Barbara@wimbledon-school.ac.uk. We request a deposit of £300 to secure your place. 

Does WSE offer visa support?
Yes, we can provide an invitation letter for all students that require a visa to study in the UK. You will receive detailed guidelines at the time of booking.

What are the terms and conditions?
Please refer to our pricelist for full terms and conditions. 

Pangbourne map coming soon.

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