Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning

We want you to improve your English and learn to communicate more confidently and efficiently. At the same time, we also want you to have fun whilst developing these new skills, and our Courses + Language Skills Workshops in areas such as film making, debating, journalism and leadership, are designed to help you do just that! 

You will study 12 hours per week of General English or Young Leaders (available at Pangbourne College only for 14-17 year olds with a minimum B2 level) classes in the mornings, and 6 hours of your chosen your chosen Language Skills Workshop in the afternoon.  

What's even better is that students can choose a different Language Skills Workshop each week or study in the same workshop for the whole time they are with us.   

All courses start any Monday and General English class levels are from Elementary (A2) to Proficiency (C2).  Please note, we do not accept Beginners (A1).



For photos from the classroom, click here.

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