Our Internship programme is ideal for EU, EEA and Swiss national studens and young people, aged between 18 and 32, who would like to take an unpaid work placement after their English language course, and gain valuable work experience in their chosen profession or sector. Only students eligible to work in the UK will be able to apply for an internship. 

We work together with a specialised, highly experienced agency to arrange the programme for you.  We offer a range of short-term, regular and specialist options for your internship and these include: 

    • Charity Retail:

2-4 weeks, £342.00

  • Social care:

2-4 weeks, £342.00

  • Business Start:

4-5 weeks, £396.00

Cancellation charges apply













    • Business Administration
    • Fashion
    • Chef
    • Digital Marketing
    • Graphic Design
    • Hospitality
    • Web Design
    • Educational Administration
    • Marketing
    • Public Relations (PR)
    • Tourism
    • Museums &  the Arts
    • Information Technology (IT)
    • Event Management
    • Electrician

Minimum placement: 6-12 weeks, depending on the sector.

Maximum placement: 24 weeks.

Fees: 6-24 weeks, £420.00.

Cancellation charges apply.
























    • Architecture
    • Broadcast, Media & TV
    • Engineering
    • Finance
    • Graphic Design
    • IT Programming
    • Human Resources
    • Journalism
    • Law
    • Magazine Publishing
    • Other sectors available on request                 


Minimum placement: 12 weeks

Maximum placement: 24 weeks

Fees: 12 -24 weeks £480.00

Cancellation charges apply



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Key Facts about Internships

Minimum age: 18

Maximum age: 32

Minimum study period at WSE before the internship placement begins: 4 weeks

Minimum level at start of internsip placement: IELTS 5.0 or above, depending on sector

For most placements, students must either be graduates or undergraduates.  However, some placements do not require you to be at graduate or undergraduate level

Location: UK wide including London, Brighton, Manchester, Edinburgh, Oxford and Bournemouth

Accommodation: our internship partner can help you find accommodation through their partner accommodation agencies.

We must receive your application 3 months before your placement start date, and all documents at least 10 weeks before the placement start date. We cannot process any booking for this programme until we have received the placement deposit of £360.00.




  Before interviews are arranged After interviews are arranged With placement offered With specialist placement offered
More than 2 weeks before placement start date  £60.00 £180.00 £300.00 £360.00
2 weeks or less before placement start date £120.00 £180.00 £300.00 £360.00