English as a Medium of Instruction

English as a Medium of Instruction

This course is designed for both qualified experienced teachers as well as newly qualified teachers who wish to develop their skills and understanding of using technology meaningfully in the classroom.  During the course of a week, you will combine the latest theory and mehodology of teaching English with technology, with practical elements to build your confidence in using these in the classroom.  You will be given the opportunity to blog your experience for self reflection and try out popular sites and tools. This course follows our standard timetable of 24 lessons per week/20 hours per week.


By the end of the course, you will have:

  • Analysed different contexts of EMI use throughout the world
  • Gained an insight inot the role of language in effective intercultural communication
  • Increased your skills in using your voice effectively, with a focus on clarity, rate of delivery and intonation
  • Gained confidence in dealing with intercultural challenges
  • Improved your effectiveness in the classroom
English as a Medium of Instruction
Course Name
English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI)
Course Category
Teachers' English Courses (TK)
Minimum Age
Lessons Per Week
Maximum Class Size (Sept - June)
Maximum Class Size (July - Aug)
Course Dates
From 13-08-2018 to 17-08-2018
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Course Length (Weeks)
CEFR Course Level


Price (1 week)
£345.00 per week
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