One To One English Language Tutoring

One To One English Language Tutoring

Wimbledon School of English offer one-to-one English language tutoring for those who wish to make rapid progress in their individual English language learning with a personal teacher. Those requiring a one-to-one English language course may be looking to learn a specialist are of the language, e.g. for Business or Law. 
Our one-to-one English Language tutoring programme offers the following benefits:
  • Ideal for people who need to make quick progress in English language but have little time to spare.
  • Study with your own personal tutors, especially suitable if you have specialist English needs such as Business English.
  • Practise a combination of skills depending on your needs: speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar and pronunciation. Plan your actual programme with your tutors.
  • Use a variety of materials and teaching methods in dynamic, hard working lessons.
  • Expect up to 2 hours self-study work per day.
  • Go out for lunch with your tutor every day (Monday - Friday) as an optional extra.

Your timetable will be arranged at the time of booking.

One-to-One tuition is available to study as:

20 lessons/16 hours 40 minutes per week

24 lessons/20 hours per week

28 lessons/23 hours 20 minutes per week

30 lessons/25 hours per week

One-to-One lessons can also be taken as a part-time option in combination with a full-time course.  To find out more, click on the part-time course information to the right.


Price (20 Lessons/Wk)
£1300.00 per week
Price (24 Lessons/Wk)
£1560.00 per week
Price (28 Lessons/Wk)
£1820.00 per week
Price (30 Lessons/Wk)
£1950.00 per week

1 lesson = 50 minutes

Key Info

Course Level
All Levels
Course Length (Weeks)
1 -50
Course Dates
Lessons Per Week
20, 24, 28 or 30

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