General English Language Courses

General English Language Courses

Our General English Language Course is the most popular option and will help you improve in all areas of the English language: grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, pronunciation, reading and writing. There are two options for studying the General English Language Course: our standard course of 24 lessons, or our intensive course of 28 lessons.

Our minimum age for individuals is 16, but we occasionally accept 15 year olds in General English

international classes if they are part of a group with a group leader. We can accept 14 year olds only in closed groups with a group leader.

Please note: Students aged under 18 are not supervised except in lessons and on class excursions.

Our average class size is 12, with a maximum of 14 except for July and August when General English and Cambridge English Exam Preparation classes may have up to 16 students. Our 14 student limit may be exceeded by a maximum of 1 student for 1 week in exceptional circumstances.

If you follow the intensive programme of 28 lessons you will be able to focus on specific areas of the English language. Your course will be made up of 24 lessons of General English and 4 lessons of one of the following optional classes:

  • Communication Skills
  • Grammar and Writing
  • IELTS Preparation (Academic) 
  • Pre-Cambridge First Preparation
  • Cambridge Advanced Preparation
  • Medical English

You can start your General English Language Course on any Monday, although beginners have specific start dates.  

Our General English Language Course can also form part of a longer period of study in our Academic Year Programme of 24 weeks or more. 

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