Yaiza's Testimonial

Yaiza's Testimonial

Yaiza, 17, from Spain, studied our Advanced Plus course

In my view, WSE is a great school where you can learn proper English, as well as grammar, you can also learn more common expressions. My teachers encouraged me to develop my skills as a writer, and they also helped me improved my vocabulary with different activities. 

I have really enjoyed my time here, due to the simple fact that our lessons aren't  boring. Teachers are using the Internet and the technology to help us. Moreover, they make the lesson interesting, while we are having fun, we are also learning new things.

I have to say that meeting new people is another good reason to join a course at the school. I've made friends from many different countries around the world. Meeting new people from different cultures also helps everyone to improve their English.

I think my time here has been enjoyable because of the social programme organised by the school. You can work out, go to the theatre or also go partying. 

If I had the chance in the future, I would love to come back again for a longer period of time.

Thank you for everything. 

- Thank you Yazia, we have loved having you at the school!


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