Student Testimonial - Marina

Student Testimonial - Marina

Every week we welcome new students into our school. And every week we say goodbye to students - some have been here for a few weeks and some have been here for months. But one thing that they all have in common is the experience of being in London, studying English at Wimbledon School of English.

One of our students, Marina, had recently returned home to Russia after having taken the IELTS course here at WSE. But before she left, she had this to say about her time here:

This is a love story which started three years ago and it is still going on.

WSE - the place where I first fell in love... with the English Language.

It is no secret that in today's world it is important to know a foreign language, particularly English. When I finished high school, I understood that my English is on an elementary level and I really needed to change it. There is no exaggeration in when I say that Wimbledon School of English had me greatly. 

There are professional teachers, a useful system of learning, good opportunities to improve language in the study center and regular communication with the international team. What else? Perfect atmosphere, interesting and varied social program, support from all sides at any time.

WSE – Where I started to explore the world, because I have the best of friends from all over the globe.

WSE – where I have become more confident, strong-willed, resolute and hard-working.

The most important thing that should beared in mind is that your way may be slow but from my own experience I can say that if you want to learn or improve foreign language or, for example, taking FCE, CAE, IELTS etc. exams, it goes without saying that Wimbledon School of English is the best place for this purpose!

To finish with I would like to say thank you to  everyone who work at WSE! Your support and help to learn English language is priceless! 

Thank you Marina! We hope to see you again soon!


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