A Cuban Student's Experience in London

From Havana to London, a Cuban student's take on Wimbledon School of English

From Havana to London, a Cuban student's take on Wimbledon School of English

Yanesis Infante was our first ever student from Cuba! London could not be any more different to her native Havana, but Yanesis really enjoyed her stay with us. She studied General English for 2 weeks and here's what she had to say: 

I was indeed considered very lucky to have spent a short stay at this excellent school and I couldn’t leave without mentioning some of the great things.

Wimbledon School of English has a vast curriculum with many varied activities, Wi-Fi throughout, and great facilities to make students feel at home. I can’t talk about this school without mentioning the professionalism of all the staff and all the preparation involved to make our course the way it was.

My luck was to continue,  I had what must be the best teachers in London teaching me and I extend my sincere thanks to my teacher Bill, who was not content with just  being a brilliant teacher of English, but he also found time to take us on a tour of Central London and without his suggestions we certainly would not have discovered the magic of different landmarks around London. We enjoyed and appreciated his company and the chance to learn from real ´Londoners´.

Thank you to everyone at the school, I´ll always have good memories of my short stay and would strongly recommend the school for all those foreign students out there who want to improve their English!


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