Taste Test: Pepsi or Coke?

Down to Business: The Pepsi Challenge

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The Pepsi Challenge is something of a legend here at WSE. A favourite activity for our Business classes, the challenge is a clever market research project for them, using a taste test to find out which brand people preferred without the influence of branding. The results were definitely interesting; but let us hand over the blog to Aisa, Luca, and Mariia to tell you about what they discovered...



48 people participated in the challenge.

Before the taste test, 33 said they preferred Coke, 8 said they preferred Pepsi, and 7 had no opinion.

Before the taste test, 9 said that Pepsi is sweeter than Coke and 11 said Coke has a better taste.

Do you think marketing can persuade people to buy a product? 3 people said they buy Coke becuase of the logo and nobody said the same about Pepsi. 

After the blind taste test, 25 people said they preferred the cup containing Coke and 22 preferred the cup containing Pepsi.

Only one liked the taste of both drinks.

26 people correctly identified that drink 'A' was Coca Cola. 

This is an amazing statistic because this is divide 50/50 between the genders.

18 people thought they liked the taste of one brand, but actually during the taste test preferred the taste of the other brand!

Before the taste test, some people thought Pepsi is too sweet; but in fact, after the taste test they preferred Pepsi!

Do you think people over the age of 30 cannot distinguish between Pepsi and Coke? Interesting, 7 out of 8 correctly identified Coca Cola.


Check out the class' very colourful spreadsheet of results below.

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