A Review of Wimbledon School of English by Anne

Anne's Testimonial

Anne's Testimonial

Anne Gauthier, 29, France

I decided to study at WSE as I have recently moved to the UK to start working for a subsidiary of my French company in London. I wanted to improve my English before starting my new job.

And my goal has been achieved! I think that I've really improved my English. 

Speaking and learning English with students from different and various countries is really lucky and rich experience!  I think that I’ve improved as my knowledge regarding culture and traditions in various countries, as well as my English level.

All the students at WSE are motivated and conscious that the best manner to improve our English level is to speak together! So it’s a really good atmosphere to learn.

People I met were very friendly and I hope to keep in touch with them.

My teachers were very skilled, interesting and friendly. Their lessons was never boring!

A special mention for my teacher Megan! She was very creative during her lessons! She always found a good manner to push us to speak English, such as music, eccentric topics, and games! And she thought us things about British people and culture which will be helpful for me in my work.

Each teacher I’ve had was really good and skilled in my view! 

I will probably come again to WSE next year to improve my writing (and my tennis!) 

 Many thanks for this month past in your school! 

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