A Review of Wimbledon School of English by Anna

Anna's Testimonial

Anna's Testimonial

Hi I'm Anna and I'm from the Czech Republic. 

I studied at WSE for 1 month, I took the intensive course with communication skills.

I'm so glad to say that this course was the best thing that ever happened to me. 

From my point of view, my life has completely changed, since I started this course. I became more independent and 100% more confident about my English speaking skills. I think I really improved my speaking fluency and I’m so happy about it, because that was the main reason that I decided to go on that course.

I met lots of amazing new people from all over the world and I'm sure I will keep in touch with them. Actually, we send messages to each other almost every day, which is amazing, because I can still practise my English. 

In my opinion, this school offers great quality. The teachers are amazing, friendly, caring and they're funny at the same time. I miss Charlotte so much. I had the pleasure to have her as my main teacher for 1 month. That's why I really enjoyed all of the lessons. They were funny, gripping and never boring. 

I’ve learnt lots of new things. I really liked the communication skills with Charlotte, because they showed me a new ways how to use English in everyday life.

To sum up, I had a great time and all I can say is thank you WSE for everything.

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