Study IELTS in South West London

Academic IELTS Course at Wimbledon School of English

Academic IELTS Course at Wimbledon School of English

So what exactly is IELTS?
The International English Learning Testing System (IELTS) is one of the most widely recognised English language competency tests. The Academic IELTS test is used for immigration purposes and is sometimes even used to assess native speakers! Many of our students take an Academic IELTS course in preparation for university as an IELTS qualification is often required for overseas students.

And what is pre-sessional English? 
Pre-sessional courses are for international students that are planning to go onto a higher education course in the UK. These courses are also known as English for Academic Purposes or EAP and they help students to develop the English language skills they will need for university or college. Students can expect to focus on academic writing, note taking, analysing texts, writing summaries, giving presentations and a wide range of other tasks that students are expected to complete at university. 

How else does the course prepare me for university? 
As part of the full-time course at Wimbledon School of English, we take our students to a visit a local university for a day. This is perfect for putting your mind at ease if you are anxious about studying in the UK. During the visit, students will have the chance to ask undergraduates about studying at a British university. They will also attend a university lecture, which offers students the perfect opportunity to see how far their English has progressed and to prepare them for their university studies!

What IELTS courses are on offer at WSE?
Wimbledon School of English offers a selection of IELTS courses of varying lengths. We have 10 and 6 week courses that combine exam preparation with pre-sessional English and then 4 week express courses which only focus on preparing for the IELTS exam. If you are looking for just a taster of IELTS preparation, you can add 4 lessons per week to your General English course. It's also worth mentioning that the IELTS exam can be taken at The London Exam Centre, which is part of WSE, and situated only 2 minutes away from the school. There’s nothing worse than travelling halfway across London to an unfamiliar location when you are feeling nervous about an exam!

Some of the teachers at Wimbledon School of English also work as IELTS examiners. This is hugely beneficial to students as it means students are taught by people who really understand the best way to prepare students for the IELTS exam.

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Hi Anis, I've sent you an email with some information about IELTS and some dates for you! Best wishes, Alexandra
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Dear Wimbledon School, I would like to take IELTS (academic module) Can you advise the exam schedule in the coming months ? Ideally I want to take the test beginning of Nov 2014. Best Regards Anis
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