Choosing the right type of accommodation for your stay is really important and we offer a wide variety of homestay, student residences and private accommodation. 

In addition to our homestay and student residence accommodation, we can also book accommodation for you at The Struan House Catholic Hostel suitable for unmarried women aged 18 - 30.

Alternatively, in the summer months if you're looking for a luxury student residence just outside of Wimbledon and close to the river, there is One Penrhyn Road - our Kingston summer residence.  

To find out more about these, visit for the Catholic hostel; or for the Kingston summer residence. Or to book, download the application form and send it to Julie, our Accommodation Manager, at


Staying with a British family is a very popular accommodation option. It allows you to practise your English in real-life situations and experience a new way of life. With homestay accommodation, you can also stay with other students of a different nationality to yourself.

Student Residences

Live together with other students from our school in one of our student houses. This is a good way to make new friends and practice your English with other international students, while maintaining some independence.

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