Specialist Skills workshops

Specialist Skills workshops

These specialist courses give you the opportunity to improve your English skills whilst learning about a specific subject or area. The workshops are practical and mixed level where you have the chance to learn, practise and explore new language related to the topic of choice. Each week, you and your group will work on a mini project and present this to the rest of the school in the Friday Specialist Skills workshop presentations. You can choose a different workshop each week or study on the same one for the duration of your course. 

You can choose from:

Debating, Presentations and Public Speaking
Film Making and Social Media
Junior Journalist
British Youth Culture
Football Academy NEW FOR 2019
University Preparation 
Coding NEW FOR 2019

For more detailed information on each workshop content, please see the relevant sections below. To get an understanding of each of the levels below e.g A2-C2, click here to view the European Levels Self-Assessment Grid.

Debating, Presentations and Public Speaking

  • Research, plan and structure a presentation
  • Construct and present convincing arguments
  • Present both with and without tools such as Powerpoint
  • Be aware of the importance of your voice and body language
  • Develop techniques to speak confidently to an audience


Film Making and Social Media

  • Make short films to discuss with your classmates
  • Study examples of different types of camera shots
  • Learn about storyboarding and scriptwriting
  • Discuss the responsible use of Social Media


Junior Journalist

  • Study the type of language used in newspaper and magazine articles
  • Learn how to gather and report on relevant information
  • Develop inerview and note-taking skills
  • Learn how to edit an article or audio recording to produce a finished product
  • Produce a newsletter or podcast for the school


Coding - NEW FOR 2019

  • Use online coding platforms such as Python, an entry-level coding language
  • Work towards moving onto other coding languages such as C++ and C, the main coding language used in games design
  • Students will have the opportunity to design basic websites and games.


British Youth Culture

  • Learn about the recent history of British fashion and music
  • Discuss the influence of past trends on current pop culture
  • Learn specific vocabulary related to art, design, fashion and music
  • Find similarities between pop culture in the UK and your country
  • Research and present on a British icon of modern times


Football Academy - NEW FOR 2019

  • Study football theory including team work, analysing a match, leadership and nutrition
  • Imrpove practical football skills
  • Students must enrol for a minimum of 2 weeks
  • There is a small additional fee for this workshop


University Preparation

  • Enhance note-taking skills needed for university lectures
  • Focus on how English is used in an academic environment 
  • Explore the differences between seminars, lectures and workshops
  • Learn about the UK university application system


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