Recruitment Policy

Recruitment Policy

Recruitment Policy

Wimbledon School of English - Staff Recruitment Policy

At WSE we incorporate safer recruitment procedures into all aspects of our recruitment procedure. We have a well-planned, structured and transparent process with consistent application. Our aim is to deter the wrong people from applying and prevent the wrong people from being appointed.

Job descriptions and person specification documents:

  • Safeguarding responsibilities of the role are clearly defined


  • All job advertisements state the school’s commitment to safeguarding and the promotion of student welfare for under 18s. All stakeholders are expected to share this commitment.
  • It is made clear that a DBS check will be carried out, there should be no gaps in CVs and that references will be checked.

Shortlisting candidates:

  • Shortlisting is done with the person specification in mind.
  • When possible, shortlisting is done by two people working independently who then compare to compile a fair and transparent shortlist of candidates.


  • Applicants are invited to face-to-face interviews, or skype when overseas, after selection from CVs with covering letter received in response to advertisements. Interviewees are sent the job description and safeguarding policy in advance.
  • All applicants are informed before their interview that we will follow up references, we require a DBS disclosure or overseas police check, all gaps in CV s must be accounted for, and proof of identity and qualifications will be required.
  • Interviews are conducted by the appropriate manager. Interviews for administration and long term teaching posts are normally conducted by two members of staff. Interviewees are given a tour of the school by another member of staff and are introduced to as many staff as possible.  For each position a set of interview questions is created and includes safer recruitment questions. All staff members involved in recruitment have access to examples of safer recruitment questions along with examples of responses which would cause concern.
  • The interviewers complete an interview form during the interview to assess the applicant’s suitability. The completed form is filed in the successful applicant’s personnel file. Copies of their passport & original certificates are checked. All new members of staff are then added to the school all staff online HR system and documents are scanned in.
  • Notes and details of unsuccessful post interview applicants are not kept on file for more than 6 months


  • WSE recognises the importance of references in providing an indicator of future performance.
  • References are collected from the most recent employer and/or places that are similar to the work for which the applicant has applied.
  • We require one written reference and one phone reference where a written record is kept of a verbal reference and a template is followed. The person spoken to, position and date is noted.
  • If they are not on the CV, the applicant is asked for referee contact details at the interview and the interviewer contacts the referees by telephone or email shortly after the interview.
  • Any causes for concern that arise from a reference are followed up with the applicant.
  • When the position involves working with under 18 year olds at least one reference question asks directly about suitability to work with under 18s.
  • In residential settings such as at our junior centre, all written references have to be checked by the interviewer/line manager talking to the person who wrote the reference (not the secretary) to confirm they did in fact write the reference.
  • Members of staff are welcome to consult their online files at any time.
  • A position offered to a successful applicant is always subject to references and an enhanced DBS check or police check

Pre-appointment checks:

  • All applicants undergo an enhanced DBS check or an overseas police check before they commence their employment.
  • A record of all checks is kept on a single central record of all staff.
  • All applicants are invited to self disclose any criminal records they have. They are asked to submit this to the interviewer in a sealed envelope. This envelope will only be opened if the applicant has been successful at interview stage. Two WSE managers will be responsible for discussing and deciding whether to appoint based on the offence and records are kept of the discussion. If the applicant is not successful the sealed envelope is returned to him/her unopened.
  • In cases where a DBS check or police check has not been returned before the applicant commences, when the applicant is a teacher there are several measures in place to allow the teacher to start work: the DoS monitors the room where the teacher is working at least once each lesson, the teacher is required to teach with the door open, he or she should not be alone with one or two students at any time, he or she cannot teach 1:1 or 2:1 classes to students under 18 years old. When the position is residential, the staff member must be accommodated in another building from the students.
  • Staff members for all positions may be able to work but cannot supervise students under 18 years old without the presence of a DBS-checked staff member until such time that the DBS is available.

Referrals to the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

A referral must be made to the DBS when Wimbledon School of English school withdraws permission for an individual to engage in work with under-18s or would have done so had that individual not resigned, retired, been made redundant or been transferred to a position which does not involve contact with under-18s, because they think that the individual has:

  • engaged in relevant conduct; i.e. action or inaction that has caused: neglect, emotional/psychological, sexual, or physical harm
  • satisfied the Harm Test; to harm or cause harm, put a child at risk, attempt to harm or incite others to harm
  • received a caution or conviction for a relevant offence

If these conditions have been met the information must be referred to the DBS. The referral should be made to the DBS when the provider has gathered sufficient evidence as part of their investigations to support their reasons for withdrawing permission to engage in work with under-18s and in following good practice, consulted with their Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) or Health and Social Care Trust Designated Officer if appropriate.


Applicants are informed of the results of the interview within a week. Confirmation of fixed term and pay is given in writing with a contract and full terms and conditions to follow before date of employment. All unsuccessful interviewees are informed by email.

Post selection:

The new employee attends the student welcome talk and tour and is given a welcome pack along with all school induction information and procedures. They are also asked to complete a form giving details of next of kin & bank details, and the Children’s Act 1989 Self-declaration form. A copy of their passport & any certificates is taken. A member of staff is appointed to look after them and go through the induction checklist and procedures with them. All new members of staff undergo online training in Child Protection level one, Fire Safety, Channel General Awareness Training from the College of Policing, and Prevent for Practitioners and/or Leaders and Managers from the Education and training Foundation.







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