Statement of Core British Values

Statement of Core British Values

Statement of Core British Values

Wimbledon School of English is a multicultural and international community in which we help to foster an acceptance and tolerance of a range of views students many encounter in such an environment. We fully subscribe to the Government’s Prevent strategy and we encourage our students to express their views and beliefs as long as these respect the core British values of:

  • democracy;
  • the rule of law;
  • individual liberty;
  • mutual respect and tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs.

At Wimbledon School of English, we are aware that some students may have been exposed to extremist influences or prejudiced views before their arrival in the UK, or may be exposed to them after coming here. These influences may emanate from a variety of sources and media, including via the internet, and at times students may themselves reflect or display views that may be discriminatory, prejudiced or extremist, including using derogatory language. Any prejudice, discrimination or extremist views, including derogatory language, displayed by students or staff will always be challenged and dealt with in line with the relevant policies on student behaviour and staff conduct.

As part of wider safeguarding responsibilities, staff will be alert to and have a duty to report:

  • Disclosures by students of their exposure to the extremist actions, views or materials of others outside of the school, such as in their homes or community groups.
  • Graffiti symbols, writing or artwork promoting extremist messages or images.
  • Students accessing extremist material online, including through social networking sites.
  • Any reports of changes in behaviour, friendship or actions and requests for assistance.
  • Students voicing opinions drawn from extremist ideologies or narratives.
  • Use of extremist or “hate” terms to exclude others or incite violence.
  • Intolerance of difference, whether secular or religious or, in line with our equalities policy, views based on, but not exclusive to, gender, disability, sexuality, race, colour or culture.
  • Attempts to impose extremist views or practices on others.
  • Anti-Western or Anti-British views.

In the first instance, reports of any of the above will be made to the Welfare Officer/DSL, Academic Director and/or the Principal. In extreme cases the police may need to be notified.

In order to help prevent such occurrences, the school is committed to:

  • Raising staff and student awareness of radicalisation and extremism;
  • Working with local agencies and sharing information;
  • Maintaining robust ICT measures to prevent access to extremist or otherwise inappropriate websites.

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