NEW Academic Management

Academic Management

Academic Management

New for 2020!  This course is for teachers who want to further their careers by moving into management, or for newly appointed academic managers. Often, teachers who become managers receive very little management training; on this course you will learn the basic principles behind successfully managing a team of teachers, and how to enhance both the teachers’ professional development and your school’s academic standards.

By the end of this course, you will have:

  • Developed an understanding of management theory and techniques, as they apply to the EFL context
  • Increased your awareness of the issues surrounding successful school management
  • Explored various ways of delivering CPD to your staff
  • Developed your understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a management team
  • Analysed the principles of effective recruitment and staff retention
  • Explored ways of improving and monitoring quality 
Academic Management
Course Name
Academic Management (TAM)
Course Category
Teachers' English Courses (TK)
Minimum Age
Lessons Per Week
Includes observation of WSE classes
Maximum Class Size (July - Aug)
Course Dates
From 10-08-2020 to 14-08-2020
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Course Length (Weeks)
CEFR Course Level
B2+ to C2


Price (1 week)
£400.00 per week

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