Trip tip: Visit Southside House!

Trip tip: Visit Southside House!

For those of you looking for some different to do one afternoon, why not have a look at Southside House?  It’s just a short bus ride from Wimbledon Station and is also the home of our very own Blanca! Yes, you read that right, Blanca is very lucky to be able to call this place a home.


Described by connoisseurs as an unforgettable experience,Southside House provides an enchantingly eccentric backdrop to the lives and loves of generations of the Pennington Mellor Munthe families. Maintained in traditional style without intrusive refurbishment and crowded with family possessions of centuries, Southside offers a wealth of fascinating family stories. Southside has associations with Queen Natalie of Serbia and her son Alexander, and the family also have mementos from the Duke of Wharton, Lady Hamilton and others.



Southside was re-fashioned in the William and Mary style, and behind the long façade are the old rooms, still with much of the furniture which the Penningtons brought here, and a superb collection of art and historical objects reflecting centuries of ownership. John Pennington's daughter Hilda married Axel Munthe, the charismatic Swedish doctor whose most famous book,The Story of St Michele, briefly outsold the bible and remains amongst the ten best sellers of the 20th century.

Full of history and adventure, mystery and wonder, this little known landmark in Wimbledon is not one to be missed! Perhaps this is the opportunity for a photography adventure, a catalyst for a story you're writing or even just a stroll around the gardens surrounding the house is in order? If you visit, send us your pictures and let us know what you think!

If you have any questions of how to get to the house, more about the history and for details of the tours they have, visit their website:

All photos are taken by the talented Richard Surman, you can see some more of his work here:

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