The Wimbledon Tennis Championships are coming!

The Wimbledon Tennis Championships are coming!


We love a bit of tennis here in Wimbledon. You might have even heard of a certain tournament that happens here every summer. It is still a few months away but we’re already pretty excited about it so we thought we’d list a few essential tennis-related words to get you in the mood…

Ball - a spherical thing that players hit to each other, usually bright yellow

Net - the squared thing in the middle of the court that players have to get the ball over

Court - the rectangular thing the players stand on, traditionally made of grass

Ballboy / ballgirl - people who hover at the side of the court to pick up the balls and give them back to the players

Umpire - the person in a very high chair checking the players are behaving themselves

Towel - used by players to wipe sweat off their faces

Racquet - what players hit the ball with

Player - the people playing the game

Banana - an essential mid-match energy source

Mad about tennis? Keep an eye out for more  Wimbledon based posts over the next few months…

Not a fan? Have a read about rugby instead:



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