The Top 10 Cinemas in London

The Top 10 Cinemas in London
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There's a sense of wonder that comes hand in hand with going to the cinema, one day you're out in the wild west hunting for bounties then the next day you're flying towards the sun to reignite it and save humanity. You don't know where you're going! And if you're like me, you want to spend that time sitting comfortably and enjoy the surroundings before and after the film. 

This is why I've compiled the top 10 cinemas across London.

10. Wimbledon Odeon

This may be a biased option, but considering it's got an IMAX facility and is literally around the corner from the school, this is great cinema with amazing facilties and with an wide range of places to eat before and after the film - this is a must go to place. 

9. Stratford Vue

On the other side of London at the Westfield Shopping Centre is an amazing 4K experience to be had. The seats are spacious and comfortable, there are plenty of screens and showings and the shopping options are endless if you need to kill some time. 

8. Ritzy, Brixton

The Ritzy is a Brixton institution, much loved for its friendly staff and anti-multiplex atmosphere. One of south London’s oldest cinemas having opened first in 1911, today the Ritzy has still got a little of that grandeur. Its five screens are all comfortable and reasonably sized, while the programme strikes the perfect balance between major blockbusters and independent films, plus late-night shows and classics.

7. The Lumiere Cinema

If you're a fan of French cinema then this art deco cinema screens mostly French new releases and classics. The interior of the cinema alone is worth a visit. 

6. Genesis, Whitechapel

Known for their cheap tickets all day, everyday and a very elegant seating arragement, this cinema has become an icon in East London amongst film lovers. 

5. The Lounge, Whiteleys

So you're sitting there, watching a film and all of a sudden you feel like getting a drink, or maybe you need a snack but you don't want to get up and miss anything. The Lounge was made for you. Just press a button and a waiter will come to your seat, take your order and bring you your drinks and food. The screen and sound are quite spectacular too. 

4. Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square

So far a lot of these cinemas have been quite consersative in the way they present their films. Maybe they're a little too serious for you and you want to go somewhere a little more laid back? Well then, I recommend you visit the PCC in Central London where audience participation is at the forefront of their experience. From sing-a-longs to pyjama parties, you're in for a wild night.

3. The Electric, Shoreditch

The Electric franchise has become a staple of what it means to experience film and the Shoreditch branch is truly a classy way to view the big screen. Maybe not as "fun" as it's big brother in Notting Hill (see below) but still worth a visit. 


One of the only "real" IMAX cinemas in the United Kingdom and boasting the largest screen in the UK, the BFI IMAX is the ultimate experience. If there's a movie shot in native IMAX or 70mm (think The Dark Knight or Tarintino's upcoming The Hateful Eight), then you must see them here. The experience is one that cannot be described, you must live it. 

1. The Electric, Notting Hill

Probably the best cinema in London, if you manage to get the right seat. The front row has beds where you lay down and relax while you watch the film. Another oldie in the cinema world when it first opened in the 1920s and it still retains some of it's old designs. Be sure to book early for beds! 


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