The Creepy Castle: Work samples

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Kathryn's Advanced Class wrote some scary stories for their homework!

Tasked with responding to this creepy picture, they came up with some brilliant and tuly scary ideas!

Dracula's Holiday Home by Carlos

Dracula’s holiday castle is quite grim because it is located under a sunless sky. However, the Count does not get depressed at all because of his well known legendary tastes; the darker the better. The castle is on top of a soaring land and has a waterfall coming out of a cave and a river surrounds the property.

This notorious, blood sucking villain lives with his ever-present companies: Igor, the butler, always loyal and eager to please the Count’s outlandish plans and Nana, the woman who helps Dracula to do the most mundane chores in the castle.

The castle has one hundred rooms, therefore there is always something fun for the Count to do. You can find horror chambers, antique rooms lavishly decorated. When the inhabitants of the castle get bored, they tend to go for a walk in the vast land where the building is, acres and acres of grass are combed by this trio of lunatics, dressed in black, always singing dirges.

The only thing that seems completely out of place is a swaying palm tree; rumours indicate that the Count is developing a taste for coconut water. When the sun goes down and it is pitch black, candles are used to illuminate the interiors.

Chandeliers were banned by the Count’s ancestors many moons ago. At the fire place, the group would reminisce about the atrocities that the family committed. If the castle’s walls could talk it would be absolutely terrifying. The walls are covered in a dark purple wine like colour....


Mr. Lucarda's Castle by Yazia

The carriage was being pulled by the two black horses across the bridge, which was used to enter inside Mr Lucarda castle.

The atmosphere was heavy, I could feel it. I looked through the carriage window, trying to find the sun, but several grey and black clouds blocked the sky. On the ground, there were no plants. There weren’t any flowers or trees growing.

The caste was built in a huge rock rising from the middle of a river, and the haphazard towers seemed destroyed. A waterfall fell from the highest point of the rock, going through the middle of the building.

My carriage stopped in the castle’s courtyard where some servants were working. I was scared of meeting Mr Lucarda, my future husband. Our parents arranged our wedding when we were young, and then we were young adults and we had to marry. I only knew he was some years older than me and he was the Prince of our Kingdom.

I opened the carriage door and jumped out, ignoring the old servant who offered his help. I was walking to the stairs, which led to the door, when a dark-haired and pale skinned young man came out of the castle. Without saying a word, he took me to my bedroom and showed me the castle. When we arrived at a big living room, with really high ceilings, two big arm chairs and a fire place, he smiled and told me, “Hello, my lady. I’m Mr. Lucarda.” And I realised that his fangs were extremely long. 


Well done Yazia and Carlos! These are wonderful stories. 

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