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  • 20-08-2014
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Did you know that WSE runs an English for Law course with preparation for the Cambridge ILEC exam? 

The ILEC preparation course is ideal for law students and practising lawyers who want to develop their real-life English language skills in order to communicate in an international context. 

The course is four weeks long and prepares students to take an official Cambridge English exam, the International Legal English Certificate (ILEC).  

We currently have a group of 12 students studying for their ILEC with us at Wimbledon School of English.  We asked our lovely law students why they chose to do study for an ILEC and why they chose to study at WSE. 




Student Testimonials 

  •  "A career in international law can be very competitive and having the ILEC certificate will give me a strong advantage when applying for jobs at home." 

  • "My knowledge of legal English has already improved so much and I will feel more confident using English in the workplace." 

  • "I’m currently studying for a law degree and this course is perfect. The teachers are very thorough and take the time to explain everything in detail." 

  • "I am responsible for translating legal documents at home so I need to improve my specialist legal jargon."

  • "I am really enjoying the course but it is not easy, I wish I had more than 4 weeks! Students should be prepared to work very hard but you will definitely see results. "




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