Get your Wimbledon Tennis tickets- just over a month to go until the Championships!!

Get your Wimbledon Tennis tickets- just over a month to go until the Championships!!
Ready for your next nugget of tennis information? Wimbledon’s only two months away now so we certainly are! The Championships have been around since 1877 so it’s no wonder there are some pretty well-established traditions that come as part of the experience. Here are our top 5:
  • Strawberries and Cream - it’s the obvious one but it’s a great one. Treat yourself to this delicious pairing of sweet red fruit and cool, creamy, erm, cream. Yum! They go very well with a glass of…



  • Pimm’s - we have no idea what this mystery drink is made of but we know for sure it tastes soooo good. If you can’t make it to the tennis match yourself (and you’re over 18), make your own (, get some friends round and watch it on the TV.



  • Queuing - a very useful tradition when in any part of the UK, but Wimbledon-goers are particularly skilled at this activity. People who are particularly keen on seeing the tournament live have been known to queue overnight to get tickets. You can download this useful guide to queuing at Wimbledon here (



  • White clothes - not so great if you’re prone to spilling strawberries down yourself (!) but luckily it’s only the players who have to abide by this rule: pretty much everything they have to wear has to be white. In 2013 Roger Federer was told to change his orange-soled shoes because they broke this rule, pretty strict stuff!



  • Ball boys and girls - the people who pick up players’ balls and throw them new ones have to pass a rigorous process to test their fitness and knowledge of tennis in order to get this prestigious role. They’re trained to blend into background while they’re working but we reckon if you look hard enough you’ll probably spot some.



Wimbledon Championships: 27th June - 10th July

To find out how to get yourself a ticket, visit




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