Extraordinary and Weird Excursions for Medical Students!

Extraordinary and Weird Excursions for Medical Students!
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If you come to Wimbledon School of English and take our Medical English course, you will probably want to visit some museums related to your field of study. We’ve compiled a list of 5 great places to visit for all medical professionals and students.


The Wellcome Museum of Anatomy and Pathology


Wellcome Museum description


This museum is split into two separate collections; Anatomy and Pathology but it’s not your average museum. Normally you would expect all of the specimens to be locked away in cabinets, but not at the Wellcome Museum. Here you will find specimens displayed on open shelves, which allows you to get up close and study each specimen in more detail. You will find human bones and tissue which have been preserved in fluid or mounted in hand-held containers. There is also a full articulated human skeleton on display.


Hunterian Museum



Named after Scottish surgeon John Hunter, this museum is a weird and wonderful collection of anatomical specimens, including a two-tailed lizard and the famous “Irish Giant”, a man who was over 2.3 metres tall. As well as Hunter’s collection, you also have an Odontological Collection and the Historical Surgical Instrument Collection. There are free talks every day so plan your visit in advance. Beware, this museum is not for the squeamish or faint-hearted…


St Bartholomew’s Hospital Museum



Located inside St Bartholomew’s (Bart’s) Hospital, this museum takes you through the history of modern medicine. On display you will find some of the oldest documents in the hospital archives and they are very different to what we get today! Other displays include works of art as well as surgical and medical equipment used in the hospital.


Science Museum



This is one of London’s biggest museums and it has a few exhibitions related to the field of medicine. You have the Science and Art of Medicine which is an enormous collection of 5000 objects from all over the world. Other permanent exhibitions explore medical history and medical science. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time at this museum because there is just so much to see!


Old Operating Theatre Museum



This is undoubtedly one of London’s most unusual museums! Here you will see what an old fashioned operating theatre looked like and you’ll finally understand why we say THEATRE in English. This operating theatre dates back to 1822 you can learn about how surgery was conducted before anaesthetic and antiseptics were available, it was a very different story! Be sure to check out the Herb Garret too to learn more about herbal medicines.



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