Boot Camps to Bikram Yoga - The best 6 exercise classes to try in and around Wimbledon

  • 01-02-2016
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Boot Camps to Bikram Yoga - The best 6 exercise classes to try in and around Wimbledon

For all you fitness enthusiasts, we’re now in the first week of February and if you’ve lost all enthusiasm for keeping fit, may I remind you that SUMMER is just around the corner!

We have some brilliant and also exciting new ways to train, exercise and maintain your fitness goals! So do not give up, take a look at what’s on offer in and around Wimbledon and keep working on achieving that great summer body. 

Bikram Yoga

Image of Bikram Yoga

If you haven’t heard of Bikram Yoga...where have you been?!  Yoga is a brilliant form of exercise that holistically focuses on your health, wellbeing and inner peace.  Bikram is an intensive and additional challenge to yoga and is practised in heat of between 35 to 40 degrees C – very very warm! It really is a lot of fun and if you take your health seriously, Bikram Yoga is something you should try at least once.  

BIKRAM YOGA WIMBLEDON  ( offers a variety of yoga based classes suitable for any age and fitness level, plus hygienic mats provided.  Tel: 0208 9449771, or email:

Promotion:  £35 for 20 unlimited classes.



Kickboxing is artistic, upbeat and challenging and will most certainly take the boredom out of any workout regime.  It’s not a sport just for men, in fact it’s now widely popular amongst women too – for the basic reason that you’re guaranteed to burn fat all over, increase cardio, muscle definition, strength, power, endurance whilst toning your legs, hips, arms, core and back – happiness all round Smile

Wimbledon Kickboxing and Boxing Club ( real beginners up to advanced level.  If you want to learn the foundations of kickboxing or improve your current skills, the friendly instructors are there to help.  Tel:  07477 499 834 or07476 720 003, or email:

Prices start from £7.50.  Promotion: First class is free!


Street dance

A great way to add spice to your workout is through dance!  It’s fun, energetic, high energy and will have you smiling the entire time.  You’ll get the chance to make new friends, express yourself through various new moves and be inspired by techniques and music from around the world.  So, why not dance your way to fitness and you’re sure to feel stronger, more agile and extremely re-energised after.

Rosie Chesson Dance and Fitness (!street-dance-fitness/c1awh) offers two types of classes – Dance Physique in Wimbledon, and Street Dance in Raynes Park (just over a mile away from Wimbledon).  Email:

 Dance Physique - £6/class.  Street Dance - free for the first class! 



Now, there’s no point in trying to make boot camp sound easy because to put it bluntly, it isn’t!  You’re challenged with lots of high-intensity workouts but rewarded by feeling 110% supercharged after.  This fantastic alternative to the gym is about camaraderie. It’s a lot of fun and allows you to train in the fresh air with encouraging team mates.

HA Fitness ( ) organise regular boot camps at Wimbledon Park and Wimbledon Common.  Give it a go and embrace your inner warrior!

Prices start from £9 per session.

Climbing and Bouldering


Bouldering is rock-climbing but done indoors without harnesses or ropes. Instead you have shoes with extra strong grip, lots of chalk, safety mats, the support of your friends, determination and your strength.  This exercise will improve your total body strength and when you’re brave enough to conquer those height fears, you’ll be having more fun than you realise!

The Climbing Hangar ( in Parsons Green (5 stops on the District Line from Wimbledon). Tel: 0207 7510913, or email

Prices start from £7.50 per session.  



Not forgetting what Wimbledon is famous for – tennis!  It’s great that you have the All England Lawn Tennis Club nearby, but even better and just walking distance from the school is the Wilton Tennis Club ( where you can play on the courts for free simply because you’re a student at Wimbledon School of English.

Whether you’re a novice or an expert, there’s no better way to improve your fitness than playing tennis at Wimbledon!  Speak to our reception staff for more details.

'Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live in' - Jim Rohn.

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